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Saturday, February 02, 2008

I freakin' love this guy!

So, over the past few years, I have gone to the symphony and seen conductor David Robertson work his magic and just do an amazing job with multiple pieces of music. I have even gone to a few concerts where the entire audience was college students, and he took a very non-formal approach to his announcemants during the concert. At those concerts, he says some of the most random things, but they still make sense with the music, it's awesome.

This week however, I got the best David robertson experience ever. I had rehearsal with him for Rossini's Stabat Mater. It is so incredible to rehearse with him, because he will physically do anything (like sink lower and lower onto his pedestal or just kinda do a little dance) to get you to understand what he wants you to do musically. But on top of doing anything, he will say anything as well. He has such intense feelings for the music he is working with, that he can describe in some beautiful terms what he wants. While those moments are nice, my favorites are the ones when he says something so random, you can't help but laugh. Some of my favorites:

"...So I asked him if he met Ingmar Bergman, and he said 'oh,yes, I sat next to him and said how happy I was to meet him, and after a long silence, he asked 'what do you think about death?'... "

"...'It was strange, I asked if he wanted some shrimp, and he just said 'quando corpus morietur'..."

" I was thinking last night, and I got it...every time you say morietur, I want you to think Voldemort, you know, he-who-must-not-be-named."

"This part is kind of like you are the angels up in heaven,and it is 30 seconds til 5, and you are about to get off work and go get a cup of coffee because you are angels and you don't have to do anything else."

It is pretty funny, because the first two were actually part of a random story, but the second two were actual suggestions he had for how he wanted something to sound...and strangely enough, they both really work!

Bored on Saturday night? I highly suggest seeing this concert. Rossini, Powell Hall, 8pm, and if you want 50% off, just gimme a call by like 7pm. It will knock your freakin' socks off, I promise!


Blogger Joan said...

A good conductor is a wonderful thing. :) Sorry we haven't made a concert yet - we've been crazy-busy and with Lent starting in two days, no promises that it'll get better anytime soon. But ideally, we'd love to come ... sometime. :-P

10:52 AM


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