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Monday, January 14, 2008


It is a nice feeling to not be bored and also not be overworked. Last semester was hell with a LOT of classes, too many rehearsals to count, and work. I found it very hard to fit sleep into that schedule, and my body hated me for it. Over break, I did my share of partying and having a holly jolly holiday, but after a while, I got cabin fever, and I desperately felt the need to get out of the house and do something, unfortunately my funds often kept me from doing anything.
Today is my first day back at school, and I think it is going to be nice. I have 3 classes a day instead of 6, I am in 2 choirs instead of 5, and now that I am in my 2nd semester at my job, I have figured out how things work. I am finished with my day by the time the sun sets, and the best part is...I don't feel overwhelmed. I can't say how long this feeling will last, seeing as it is only day 1, and I haven't fit Opera Workshop or the Symphony Chorus into all of this, but as for today, it has been similar to a nice deep breath at the end of a long workout. I love it.


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